Squashing Debate

Saul Anuzis, chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, wants to ban Ron Paul from future GOP presidential debates for daring to contribute an original thought. That’s akin to the Democratic Party’s ostracizing of Robert Casey for his views on abortion. What’s the point of having a debate if you decide ahead of time which viewpoints will be allowed and which will not?

2 thoughts on “Squashing Debate

  1. The Dems ostracized Casey? They elected his equally anti-abortion son to the Senate in November, just as they elected the anti-abortion Mormon Harry Reid their Senate Majority Leader. You’re probably thinking of 1992, when Dems didn’t let him speak at their convention. The Democratic party maintained it was simply because he didn’t support Bill Clinton on the ticket, and considering that he considered running against Clinton in ’96, that’s likely the reality.

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