“Getting Shot Hurts”

I had missed this: the Reagan diaries are soon to be published.

Given the silliness at the White House over the recent visit of the Queen of England, I appreciated this tidbit:

Reagan enjoyed meeting the “most likable” Prince Charles in 1981, but tea proved a disaster because the royal visitor refused to drink it: “Horror of horrors they served it our way with a tea bag in the cup. . . . I didn’t know what to do.”

Oh, and we learn, “Getting shot hurts.”

Believe it or not, I couldn’t stand the man when he was president.

4 thoughts on ““Getting Shot Hurts”

  1. I heard him speak in 1976; I went with a couple of folks from the Rockford SDA church to hear him at the Coronado Theater. Some protesters stood in the back with signs, “Ray-Gun Go Home!” (This was before “Star Wars”). He quipped, “What they don’t realize is, I am home!”

    In 1980, the election I first voted in, I was for John B. Anderson (my congressman in Rockford).

    As the Reagan presidency wore on, I got turned off by his Central America policies, especially by his illegal wars–this was when I was first in the Army Reserve, and I had patients at Walter Reed telling me they’d been in combat, and seen buddies die, when Reagan was saying we had only advisors.

  2. I visited the Reagan library in Simi Valley in 2001, where I played a scenario “game” that attempted to convince me that the invasion of Grenada was a terrific idea. I otherwise found practically nothing about anything controversial. At least the Clinton library, which I visited in 2005, had a decent section on “The Struggle for Power.”

  3. I knew someone who as a year ahead of me at AUC who went to St. George’s Medical School, and was caught up in the invasion. She always defended Reagan’s actions.

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