Jim and Tammy Faye

Tammy Faye Bakker is near death from cancer. Jim Bakker has a new wife, a new TV show, and a new building program.

In the summer of ’77 I returned from a month in Connecticut to find that my parents have moved to a quaint little house in the colorful town of Durand, Illinois, and that my mother had begun watching a new program, “The PTL Club.” Jim and Tammy were just falling in love with fame. She didn’t have as much mascara and the sex scandals and air conditioned dog houses were yet to come. The format was that of a talk show; he aspired to be “the Christian Johnny Carson,” and his guests included  flamboyant entertainers like Dino Kartsonakis (whom Bakker dubbed, “The Christian Johnny Carson”), as well as folks like Col. Harlon Sanders and Maria von Trapp.

But “the money kept rolling in from every side ….”

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