2 thoughts on “Desmond Doss Sculpture Unveiled

  1. How is the church now involved with ministering to those in the military? Perhaps you can get involved with this also? A soldier does get lonely so far from home – your nephew will be leaving for Iraq soon – and I believe they need support from the church as well as their family. We can chose not to support the war but our military men and women do need to know we care and do support them.

  2. There are Adventist chaplains, including Barry Black, formerly chief of chaplains for the Navy, now chaplain for the Senate, Temple G. “Greg” Matthews, who was one of my instructors at USACHCS, and my friend from AUC, Phil Smiley, who followed me as chaplain of 1/172d AR in Vermont and has been active duty since. I first thought of being a chaplain when I heard the head of Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries speak at Broadview Academy early 30 years ago. Joy said that this was one ministry I should not look at for the time being, however.

    There’s also a National Service Organization supporting Adventists in the military.

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