Mail, blogs, etc.

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mail and blog comments lately, and I hear there is much discussion on some other blogs. I’m not reading the latter.

A couple of observations.

One point that every blogger knows is that once you are in cyberspace, lots of folks brand you thereby a public figure and think you must know their opinions about you; this factor is multiplied when you are in fact a public figure, whether as a religious or political leader of any kind or an author or public speaker. People can get very emotional about you and the things you do. Thus it shouldn’t be a surprise when you get nasty letters from people you don’t know. In fact, it seems that the less people know you, the nastier they can be.

Second point is that my family and friends tend to be kind and gracious, even if they don’t understand or agree. This continues to be true.

Third, changes in life involve grief, and grief includes emotions like anger and sadness.

Fourth, this grief is especially strong when one leaves a religion that considers itself The One and Only, because the one leaving is seen as not only betraying Truth and his friends, but jeopardizing his eternal salvation as well.

So, to grieving friends and family, I understand. That’s part of my reason for a measure of silence at this point in time.

To folks who don’t understand, I will at the right time provide some more explanation.

To strangers who merely want to heap invective–I’ll pray for you as I hit the delete button.