Ashamed of the Gospel

Paul McCain comments on the Virginia Tech memorial service.

But what has particularly disgusted me about this horrible, sick situation is the abject failure of the Lutheran pastor on the scene there to say a word about our Lord Christ during the special service held on the campus and broadcast nationwide. I’ll put it plainly: If you are going to participate in an overtly syncretistic service like this, a bad situation to begin with, then for the love of Christ [literally!], speak of Christ and the power of His resurrection! 

He quotes one Frank Pastore:

Each of the four speakers were there to represent their religion, to bring the message of comfort and hope rooted in their faith tradition. The Muslim speaker read passages from the Koran in Arabic and appealed to Allah, the Jewish speaker read from Ecclesiastes 3 while an assistant repeated the passages in Hebrew, the Buddhist quoted the Dalai Lama, while the Christian did not even quote from the Bible, nor mention the name of Jesus – the namesake of his religion.