The last couple of days have been a numbing experience for folks in higher education and campus ministry. The tragedy of the murders at Virginia Tech has affected all of us, even if we did not know anyone.

In Houston, memorial masses are being celebrated at Catholic campus ministries at UH (noon Wed), Rice (5 pm Tues), Galveston (6 pm Tues) and the University of St. Thomas (noon Wed).

This was sent out to campus ministers around the country by the Catholic Campus Ministry Association:

There is a very large Newman Community at Virginia Tech University and all are working very hard to provide prayers and support to the grieving. This community needs our help with prayers and support so that they themselves may get through this tragedy.

Teresa Volante, campus minister at Virginia Tech, is working with [campus ministers at other colleges] on a project that you may be interested in adapting in your community. [Campus ministers at these other colleges are]  compiling a “book of prayers” from the staff, students and faculty at [their school]. You may wish to begin this same project, or one similar, to show your campus and ministry support. …

The prayers you send will be shared with all the ministries on campus. Please mail your prayers and well wishes to Teresa Volante, Catholic Campus Ministry, 203 Otey St., Blacksburg, VA 24060.Our prayers and support remain with the entire Virginia Tech University community, and the families and friends of those touched by this event.

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