2 thoughts on “Listerine Recall

  1. In my case, I prefer the Scotch flavor — single malt of course.

    Actually, Bill, the simple fact that Listerine is not quite the antiseptic some would think is not news. It still has to be mild enough for swirling around the membranes of your mouth, and even a limited amount of swallowing. Betadine is a much better antiseptic, but I would strongly advise against regular use as a mouthwash.

    In one biology class years ago, our instructor demonstrated this by inoculating a fresh bottle of Listerine and incubating a rather nice bacterial culture.

    Anyway, there still is Dr. Tichenors which uses such slogans as: “It doesn’t just kill germs, it goes after their families” and “Gargle, Wince, Repeat.” As someone who grew up in Louisiana, I still remember Dr. Tich ads on the radio.

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