Pope gets headlines

Pope gets contradictory headlines, as usual. From Google (April 11, 2007, 10:54 p.m. CDT). I’m not sure what the “orthodox line” is, even after reading the Scotsman.

Creation and Evolution

Rocco on the publication of the proceedings of the 2006 gathering of Herr Professor Doctor Ratzinger and his former students. Another article.

Mt. Athos

The monks of Mt. Athos are upset at Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople because he welcomed Pope Benedict XVI “as though he were the canonical bishop of Rome.” George Weigel reports and comments.

German hymns

Pastor Paul McCain links to an index of German hymns translated by Catherine Winkworth.

On apologetics

Frank Turk discusses internet apologetics at Pyromaniacs. People: lighten up. The question is not “is this important work”. This is important work for the church and for the sake of the Gospel. But problematically, most of us who are bad apologists are doing these things absent from the context of church. … The problem is…