Pyromaniacs on Emergent

I just came across the Pyromaniacs blog, an evangelical contribution to the blogosphere with a fun look. Phil Johnson (executive director of Grace to You) has some astute comments about the “Emerging Church Movement” (link includes several posts on the topic).

Ugly Confrontations

Faith, fury mix at Mormon temple, reports the Arizona Republic, about a confrontation between street preachers and a Mormon lady in a wheelchair. Evangelical apologist James White was in the neighborhood, and comments in both that article and here, here (with video of what he calls the Street Abusers Cult), and here, with his description…

Easter Preaching

Houston Chronicle has the usual Easter article about how hard it is for some preachers to come up with something to say. I rather agree with Frank Rossi’s point at the end: “The greater challenge is knowing when to shut up and sit down.”