2 thoughts on “Shuffling Priests

  1. “While Finn’s actions mentioned above are a good sign, they do not necessarily prove the bishop is orthodox. The last two popes have appointed so many faithless, pervert bishops in the past 30 years that any orthodox action taken by a bishop suddenly makes him a hero in the eyes of many starving Catholics. Praising a bishop for being pro-life or defending canon law is equivalent to praising a mother for feeding her newborn. Finn may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Read on to find out why.”
    Boy, you’ve got to watch those popes all the time!
    We don’t any details from Bishop Finn, but Mat has no problems questioning his “orthodoxy” publicly. Does “zero tolerance” now extend to anyone with a questionable judgement in their past?

  2. Who in the story had merely “questionable judgment”? If the facts are as presented, it would appear this priest had a mortal sin that he seemed to cherish, and the bishop, knowing this, simply gave him a new parish. Same old stuff we’ve heard time and time again.

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