To paraphrase the margarine jingle: Everything’s better with bluebonnets on it.

It is bluebonnet season in Texas, when the fields are filled with the hue and scent of the state flower. We drove up to Washington-on-the-Brazos today, the original state capital and our favorite bluebonneting place (passing countless acres of them on the way up, interspersed with Indian paintbrushes and other wildflowers).

2 thoughts on “Bluebonnets

  1. Going to school in El Paso, I learned all about the state flower. We learned, not one, but at least two songs about bluebonnets: “Bluebonnet, bluebonnet, with your coat so blue. . . .”

    Growing up in El Paso, I’ve never seen a bluebonnet.

  2. “Bluebonnet, bluebonnet, with your coat so blue. . . .”

    EV: we sang it too in Houston schools in the 60s .
    Do you know the writer or origin ? Cant find anything on the web about it. Your entry was only
    thing i found.

    thanks, Rex

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