Missing the Forest for the Trees

Bill Donohue. What a job he has. To get paid looking for anti-Catholicism. To have to read student newspaper opinion pieces in the quest.

“Penelope” is writing a sex column for the Ohio State Lantern–a paper that is rather tardy in getting on the student-sex-columnist bandwagon.

In her introductory piece, she describes the kinds of incongruent things she hears among her friends.

My friend Megan grew up Catholic – Catholic school five days a week, and church every Sunday morning. Along with her Catholic traditions, she held Catholic beliefs. Megan believes pre-marital sex is a sin and she will go to hell if she ever has it.

Well, Megan has been dating a very non-Catholic guy, John, for a year now. That is, John hasn’t had sex in a year, but he won’t break up with Megan because he said it’s the best head he’s ever had in his life.

Is Megan still a Catholic because she hasn’t had sex? Or is she just as guilty as the rest of us – specifically, former President Bill Clinton?

Catholics can’t do a lot of things: eat meat on specific Fridays, listen to Marilyn Manson or vote Democrat, so pre-marital sex is just another item on the list. But when did God say it’s OK to give a blow job so long as that’s as far as you go?

Very perceptive! Her Catholic friend thinks she’s being true to the moral teachings of her faith, but Penelope sees through her hypocrisy, yet sees it as symptomatic of her generation.

Most interesting though, all of my friends decided oral sex doesn’t count, probably out of convenience. In “Unhooked” by Laura Sessions, she states, “Oral sex isn’t even considered sex anymore.”

Who decided that? Sex is right there in the description – oral sex.

I’m glad a secular college student can see that, and is pointing it out to her Catholic peers. That’s quite something.

But Bill Donohue doesn’t see it. All he sees is that, in the process, she makes some off-color references. And he shrieks: Ohio State is supporting Anti-Catholicism!

4 thoughts on “Missing the Forest for the Trees

  1. Argh! I think anti-anti-Catholicism hunters are supporting anti-Catholicism. It makes us look great, fah.

  2. “Catholics can’t do a lot of things: eat meat on specific Fridays, listen to Marilyn Manson or vote Democrat,”

    Another “secular” person with an in depth knowledge of Catholicism!

  3. Well, uh, yeah. I don’t expect non-Catholics, especially unchurched types, to have much knowledge of Catholicism.

  4. To be fair, it’s likely that Donohue thinks “Megan” was made up, because this exact sexual practice was long a stereotyped slur of which Catholic girls have been accused. He’s thinking what a black person would think if there was an article about a black college girl being addicted to watermelon and fried chicken.

    Unfortunately, said sexual practice is apparently pretty popular these days among a broad demographic of kids, and I’m sure the newspaper writer had no idea that “Megan” was anything like a stereotype.

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