A Fearmonger’s Manifesto

Michelle Malkin shows us how freedom dies. It is strangled by the fearful, who interpret acts of piety and prayer and devotion as threat, subversion, and terrorism.

As a child, I heard graphic apocalyptic narratives of an America turned upside down, where, in the name of freedom and faith, a faithful remnant would be persecuted and hated; their humble steadfastness to their beliefs would make them the object of scorn and suspicion.

As a smartass college student, I ridiculed such tales. That could never happen here.

Michelle Malkin and others like her show that not only could it happen here–but it has. It’s happening now (to quote one of those apocalyptic tales).

It happened to Chaplain (CPT) James Yee.

They want it to happen to more. They are determined to destroy freedom, particularly religious freedom, to save … what, exactly?