Reformulating Eschatology

While reading Ratzinger on eschatology, I came across a reference to a 1979 statement of the CDF (under his predecessor, Franjo Cardinal Seper), Letter on Certain Questions Concerning Eschatology.

The document emphasizes the need for solid formulation of key aspects of Christian faith, at a time when theologians are confusing people and leading them to doubt. 

Given that context, consider how it describes heaven, hell, and purgatory:

In fidelity to the New Testament and Tradition, the Church believes in the happiness of the just who will one day be with Christ. She believes that there will be eternal punishment for the sinner, who will be deprived of the sight of God, and that this punishment will have a repercussion on the whole being of the sinner. She believes in the possibility of a purification for the elect before they see God, a purification altogether different from the punishment of the damned. This is what the Church means when speaking of Hell and Purgatory.