Anachronistic Art

The calendar on our refrigerator, which I got from Holy Cross Chapel, has a different work of art for each month. For March, it is “The Communion of the Apostles,” by Justus of Ghent. Jesus stands before the table with a paten in his hand, bearing small hosts, and he places one on the tongue of a kneeling disciple. I suppose in the 15th century it inspired folks to devotion. It just strikes me as anachronistic.

Of course, Leonardo’s “Last Supper” was anachronistic, too, depicting Jesus and the twelve as if they were in the same Dominican refectory as the viewers. But at least Leonardo realized it was a supper they were eating.

Among “Last Supper” paintings, I’ve always been partial to Ford Madox Brown’s, “Jesus Washing Peter’s Feet,” for its depiction of the reactions of the disciples to Jesus’ act of humility.

4 thoughts on “Anachronistic Art

  1. Are we speaking of the same individual, the fellow who is working with his sandal lace? Is he tying on his sandal because he had his feet washed by Jesus, or is he preparing to follow Peter?

  2. Ah, I linked to two different paintings, and I was looking at the first one. šŸ™‚

    Now I see the money bag in the Brown painting. I wonder if he’s getting ready to run out the door?

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