A good laugh …

Jim was wondering why I was moderating comments with a heavy hand … and then he saw some guy call me a “Dispensationalist” on another blog. He understood, then.

And I had a belly laugh. I’ve been called many things (especially by folks on the antisemitic fringe)–but never that.

2 thoughts on “A good laugh …

  1. Then there was the guy who threatened not to read any longer because I didn’t post his comment.

    Be my guest. 🙂 I don’t blog in expectation of certain numbers of readers; I don’t make money off it.

    I have no obligation, folks, to provide a forum for the world. I don’t feel any compulsion to provide a platform for views that are already well represented in the blogosphere. I don’t feel the need to provide more space here for debates that are already taking place in other avenues.

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