Deference for Priests

Fr. Tom Euteneuer of Human Life International, in boasting of his appearance with Sean Hannity, made this comment:

Second, concerning the actual debate, what some are calling Sean’s “disrespect” for me as a member of the clergy was not of concern to me. In that sense, Sean is typical of his generation that has been taught that nobody has any special consecration (even if they technically do) and that everyone has to prove his mettle in the realm of public debate. No problem. I am a holder of this office, and I did not feel that his callous disregard for the priesthood did anything to diminish the sanctity of it, but I can see how it was an extra element of scandal for those who value the priestly office highly.

But what is his own attitude toward church authority? My brother included a link in the comments below about a comment Euteneuer made in January about Archbishop Donald Wuerl:

I don’t believe Archbishop Wuerl is doing his job. The clear directives from the Vatican in addition to canon law indicate that a woman whose (pro-abortion) position is of a high profile nature is a public scandal to the faith. Not only should she be refused Communion by the legitimate authority of the diocese, but she should be excommunicated. Period.

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