Triumphalistic gloating

Fr. Thomas Euteneuer of HLI engages in triumphalistic gloating over his performance with Hannity. He’s doing his victory dance in the end zone, happy for having scored points. As if that is all that is important in the media.

HLI has always been an apostolate that has played to the media, and has loved the outrageous statement. The founder, Paul Marx, spoke of the “Jews” being in control of both the media and the abortion industry. Have groups like this actually hindered the pro-life cause?

This surely isn’t the approach that will persuade people. As Fr. Jonathan Morris said, “Regardless of the issue and arguments at hand, brandishing law without palpable love almost always repels.”

But Euteneuer isn’t trying to persuade the average Catholic, or even the non-Catholic. He knows his true audience, and they are loving his performance.

7 thoughts on “Triumphalistic gloating

  1. Neither David nor the other blog he links to make any reference to what Euteneuer has written about this, nor to his unseemly (and erroneous) declaration that Hannity is a “heretic.”

  2. I agree 100 percent with. Not that I like Sean Hannity all that much, but Father E. was most distinctly *not* engaging in a spiritual work of mercy. His open letter was a very obvious exercise in grandstanding. And his attack on Father Morris was astonishing personal and bordered on the libellous – through probably Morris should have known better than to get into the middle of a pissing match between two skunks. Father E. may be an “officer” in the Church, but he has proven himself to not be a gentleman.

    Prediction: Father E will publicly denounce his own bishop for not excluding scores of pro-abort Catholic politicians from Communion in the Arlington Diocese, and that will bring his ecclesiastical career to a quick and ignominious close. But it would make Father E feel all so spine-tinglingly righteous…

  3. And Fr. Norris is a paragon of what a priest should be? Need to be careful when quoting another media apologist such as Fr. Norris.

  4. I think that we can all agree that Sean isn’t the faithful Catholic that he claims to be. I tend to agree with Bill that Fr. E’s approach wasn’t exactly likely to persuade Sean, but I also know that Bill would agree — even though he hasn’t said it in a post — that Sean’s self-estimation is a bit off. The issue is how to bring that error to his (Sean’s) attention in a manner that will most likely lead to its correction.

  5. Tito, if you can’t even get the man’s name correct–a man you don’t know, and I do know–a man who is hardly a “media apologist ….

  6. I agree with Patrick–remember a couple of months ago when Fr. Euteneuer said “I don’t believe Archbishop Wuerl is doing his job”? It’s bad enough to run around calling unformed Catholics “heretics”–but when you start insisting that people who have a different approach are “not doing their jobs” or are “politically correct sissies”–then you really need some time off. About a year would be good. I know a beautiful, quiet beach in Thailand that would be perfect.

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