See Rocco for the latest; he links to Washington Post article by Peter Manseau.

It’s clear from Manseau that Milingo has swallowed the whole Moonie theology:

Milingo spoke of his marriage as divinely inspired and, asked at a news conference about Moon’s theology, went so far as to propose that Jesus had been “killed before He was able to carry out His plans” — a suggestion that contravenes the central Christian tenet of Christ’s “perfect sacrifice,” while neatly fitting Moon’s assertion that he is on Earth to finish Jesus’s work.

It appears his first step away from Christianity was his dabbling in the occult. He cast out demons, but did so by Africanizing the church’s rituals–that is, by paganizing them.

Manseau, in the name of “full disclosure,” notes that he was invited to address a conference of married Catholic priests, where Milingo also spoke. It became clear to him that Moonies were running the show.

If there was any doubt about that, it was dispelled later in the afternoon, when the lights dimmed, a screen dropped from the ceiling and a film titled “Man of Peace” began. I had been told that the meeting had received funding from the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, but I was nonetheless surprised by this and-now-a-word-from-our-sponsors moment, complete with images of Jesus dissolving into photographs of a man who calls himself the “Lord of the Second Advent” and the “True Love King.” It seemed to have nothing to do with the issues that had brought us together that day.

Except, of course, that Moon was paying for all in attendance to see it, mostly by providing payment in kind: meals, travel and lodging expenses. As a speaker, I was among the few with a little more to gain. Three weeks later, when I received a $400 honorarium for my appearance, it came not from Married Priests Now but from an organization I had never heard of, identified on the check only as “FFWPU.” As I soon learned, this was just another way to spell “Moon.”

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  1. +J.M.J+

    IIRC, Moon is in his mid-eighties now. What will happen to his vast empire when he dies? I can’t help wonder what all his followers will do when they lose their “messiah.”

    Mind you, I hope he repents before he dies, but at his age he can’t hang around too much longer, can he?

    You’re right; not only did Milingo paganize his exorcisms, but he also disobeyed the Church when she told him to cut it out. Casting out demons *and* disobeying ecclesial authority is a recipe for trouble; the devil is spiteful and will surely attack anyone who casts him out but doesn’t “keep his guard up” afterward through prayer, fasting and *humility.* This is why the Church doesn’t want lay people to attempt an exorcism; too dangerous!

    In Jesu et Maria,

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