Self-described anarchist has been in jail for six months for contempt of court for not handing over video tape of an anarchist protest in San Francisco. Oh, he sold much of it to the media, and posted it on his blog, but he won’t show it to the grand jury. He’s a 24-year-old kid who wants to be regarded as a journalist.

Now, there are some strange things about this case. The federal government’s rationale for this being federal case is specious. The kid has offered to let the judge see it in chambers (he refused). The rioters he was filming managed to break the tail light of a police car. That’s all.

But I shake my head and wonder–Is it really worth it, kid?

One thought on “Martyrdom?

  1. Yes, the damage to the police car isn’t really why people are interested in the guy. What they really want to know is if his video might show the people who attacked one of the officers and fractured his skull.

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