No redeeming social value. None. Nada.

Have you heard of the “Jacka**” movies? Someone showed me a clip of one a couple of weeks ago. I was utterly appalled. Yet they are big sellers. And the stupid try and imitate their stunts.


Dom and Melanie Bettinelli have learned that Melanie has cancer. They’ve written about it on their blogs. They’re still relative newlyweds (August 2005) with a nine-month old baby. Dom and I have learned that we’re distant cousins with LeBlanc roots. Please pray for them.

Savannah State expels Christian group for baptisms and foot-washing

A Christian campus ministry has been banned from Savannah State University for “hazing”–that’s how the university views baptism and foot-washing, apparently, according to reports. It seems the real issue is that Commissioned 2 Love members were telling Christians not to join frats–and the frats complained. Alliance Defense Fund press release. FIRE commentary. David French commentary…


Self-described anarchist has been in jail for six months for contempt of court for not handing over video tape of an anarchist protest in San Francisco. Oh, he sold much of it to the media, and posted it on his blog, but he won’t show it to the grand jury. He’s a 24-year-old kid who…