CWNews says Navy chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt was “disciplined for praying ‘in Jesus’ name.'”

In fact, Klingenschmitt was disciplined because he chose to create a media circus, and wore his uniform in media appearances without permission, violating very explicit orders that told him he must not.

On the issue of prayer, and the rights of chaplains, the military chaplaincies have long maintained the right–even the obligation–of chaplains to minister in accordance with the tenets of their faith. Chaplains are endorsed by their denomination and represent it and serve the members of that faith in individual counseling and in denomination specific worship services.

But chaplains are also command officers, with a staff role; this staff role sometimes includes prayer at command ceremonies. In these functions of “civil religion,” the chaplain is expected to pray in an “inclusive” manner–he’s not at that function to have a platform for pushing his own faith. It is customary, not mandatory, for prayer to take place at these, and a chaplain who cannot pray in an “inclusive” way, because of the dictates of his conscience, can politely and respectfully decline.

This fellow chose to use this as an opportunity to grandstand.

2 thoughts on “Misreporting

  1. Absolutely great post! You are one of the few bloggers who have seen thru this knucklehead. We in the Navy have had to live with his propaganda and lies and deal with the people from our churches who have bought his lies and think that there is some organized persecution of Christians and Chaplains in the Navy for the past two years. Thank God for people like you. Many blessings,

    Fr Steve+

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