John Allen on LA RE Congress

John Allen was in LA the last few days and reports on the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. Allen’s reporting is always objective and astute.

… there’s no doubt the center of gravity tilts slightly to the left, reflecting the spirit of the Los Angeles archdiocese under Cardinal Roger Mahony. One of the keynoters this year, for example, was Jim Wallis of Sojourners magazine.

Australian Jesuit Richard Leonard lamented that a movie reviewer at USCCB “almost got fired” for writing a positive review of “Brokeback Mountain,” “and, under pressure, had to ‘upgrade’ the rating given to the film for morally objectionable content.” Leonard thinks the Church should change its teaching on homosexual activity.  “We lump it all together, but I’m not sure God does.”

Donald Cozzens argued, again, that he thinks celibacy should be optional.

2 thoughts on “John Allen on LA RE Congress

  1. I compulsively read Allen, but to say that the RE Congress “tilts slightly to the left” is a fine piece of British understatement. Especially coming from a Yank. It is difficult to picture Fr. Harvey getting the keynoter role that Fr. Massingale got (more British understatement, I know).

    Then again, a helpful stat to put the REC in perspective: approximately 2/3 of the attendees are from California, and bordering states are a large portion of the remainder. IIRC, Michigan accounted for 19 of the pre-registered folks in attendance. REC is very much a regional phenomenon–Deo gratias.

  2. Woohoo! I’m back from Congress. Had a great time. True, much of it skirts the edge. For Sophia’s sake, Edwina Gately! It’s no surprise that recordings of her presentations aren’t available.

    But John Allen is always a tried and true presenter. If you’ve never heard him, I recommend ordering CDs/tapes of his talks from the RECongress site. And then there was Father Tom Weston who ranks in my book as the best speaker I’ve heard at Congress in my 3 years of attendance. I found his presentation on Nicea fully orthodox and replete with a love for Christ.

    I’m not ashamed. I’m a Matt Maher fan. Like Father Weston, he knows where to direct the attention of the audience. He did well in overseeing music for Saturday’s youth Mass, which was packed to the gills.

    Lastly, I get such a rush from seeing scads and scads of religious in their collars and habits.

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