One thought on “Cardinal Pell on Global Warming

  1. It’s good to see a prominent Catholic leader cast appropriate doubt on the question of global warming, which is still a question at several levels–including how much, why, for how long, and what if anything should or could be done through public policy to change the trend–if it’s real and if it’s dangerous.

    There have been any number of Catholic (and other religious) speakers preaching that God’s will requires that we sign on to the Kyoto treaty. They seem not to realize that this attempt to solve a hypothetical problem for 100 years from now will cause certain and severe economic hardship for millions in the here and now, most especially for the poor. Notice this runs directly counter to another hallowed principle of social teaching, the “preferential option for the poor.”

    In other words, these speakers are in the end self-contradictory. Pell has achieved a better balance: openness to further data about a complex natural phenomenon, and “scepticism” about hysterical reactions to over-simplified scenarios.

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