2 thoughts on “The Talmud in Song

  1. “The commentaries [of the Talmud] were written down around the middle of the first century of the Christian era…” That’s news to me. Generally, I see the date of 165 CE as the earliest point for Judah the Prince’s undertaking the decades-long task of codifying commentary on the Torah. 200 CE is the date I normally see given for the Mishnah’s completion.

    “…but continued to grow until about the 10th century.” Again, I quibble. 500 is the terminus I normally encounter for the completion of the Gemora, the second part of the Talmud.

    The article mentions the great Rabbi Akiva having come into his studies as an illiterate shepherd. My understanding is that he was in his 40s when he took it upon himself to sit in classes with children to learn to read!

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