Healthy Dioceses

Dom has some good thoughts about the Crisis  magazine report about so-called “healthy dioceses,” linking to some responses the Crisis solicited. Dom highlights, and so do I, this comment by Russell Shaw:

Consider: Of the three criteria used in ranking sees, two (priestly morale and priestly vocations) concern clerics, while the third (“effective evangelization”) refers to newcomers to the Church. None reflects the situation of the great majority of Catholics—the longtime lay faithful. Casual readiness to disbelieve, as manifested by the moviegoer quoted above, is typical of an alienated, marginalized, and apparently large segment of this mass. But the laity doesn’t make it into the special report.

One thought on “Healthy Dioceses

  1. This is the first I’ve seen of this and admittedly I’m being nitpicky about something most will see as irrelevant. But who are their geographers on staff? Lexington, Kentucky is part of the “Industrial Midwest”? Lubbock, Texas, situated in the heart of the flatter than flat Llano Estacado is part of the Rocky Mountain West/Agricultural Midwest? And what constitutes “Industrial” from “Agricultural”? A short drive outside Chicago, Detroit, or Cleveland puts you in the middle of corn and bean fields.

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