I’ve lived so many places I can fake almost any accent. But it looks, according to this quiz, like my many years in Northern Illinois (5th grade through high school) were determinative.

What American accent do you have?

Your Result: The Inland North

You may think you speak “Standard English straight out of the dictionary” but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like “Are you from Wisconsin?” or “Are you from Chicago?” Chances are you call carbonated drinks “pop.”

The Midland
The Northeast
The South
The West
North Central
What American accent do you have?
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7 thoughts on “Accents

  1. True. I drank soda in Connecticut, and in Terre Haute (where I first heard “pop”), and in Illinois, and in every other place I have lived. And when I use the term “Coke,” I always mean “Coca-Cola.”

  2. I drank “pop” in Omaha, Nebraska in the mid 1980’s as well. And Coke was always Coca-Cola, or Co-cola as my family says. And, well, according to this quiz, I have no accent.

  3. Kind of a surprising result, eh?

    No, I’m not Canadian. But many native Michiganders use that charming catch-all question. For awhile after leaving Michigan I couldn’t understand why people thought I was from Canada.

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