Baptist Environmentalism?

Some Texas Baptists are against Perry’s plan to build some new coal-fired electrical plants.

Now listen, all you environmentalist peace and justice folks.

You can’t just be criticizing every proposal. You’re against coal. You’re against oil and gas. You don’t want us protecting our oil interests in the Middle East. You don’t want us exploring for oil in our vast fields in Alaska. You don’t want nuclear power. You want us to take down dams to restore the original scenary. You don’t want new dams because you want to protect fish.

Will you tell us what is permitted in your narrow little book?

Will you tell us what you plan to tell the poor, about whom you say you are so concerned, when they can’t heat their homes on cold winter nights? Will you tell us what you plan to tell them when energy costs sky rocket?

You won’t have credibility in public policy until you make some hard choices, based on reality, not wishful thinking.

3 thoughts on “Baptist Environmentalism?

  1. Great points, Bill. They don’t seem to understand how the “prefereential option for the poor” is defeated by all the other multifarious “moral” demands they make.

    By the way, don’t forget ethanol. You get a whole 1.3 BTU of energy out for every BTU put into the process of tilling, fertilizing, planting, harvesting, processing, and transporting the stuff. That’s a net 30% output on energy, as opposed to several hundred percent with oil. I’d like to see the result if our citizens knew the real cost of ethanol without the government subsidies and decrees which keep it hidden.

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