Mel Redux

The Passion of the Christ: Definitive Edition, says the cover. It promises deleted scenes, but it delivers only two fairly mediocre cuts–not the controversial Emmerick-inspired scenes of the building of the cross (in the high priest’s courtyard) and the slaughtering of the paschal lamb (in the upper room) that I kind of hoped might be on it.

The DVD contains the theatrical version, the recut version from last year, and some features. There’s a commentary track, with comments by Fr. William Fulco, SJ, Fr. John Bartunek, LC, and sedevacantist Gerry Matatics. They provide the usual rambling commentary.

The “making of” videos are interesting, but omit any reference to Mel’s extra-Biblical sources. The one about “guerilla marketing” shows that Mel and his people still are playing the martyrs and still don’t understand what the fuss was about. They portray it as a battle between those who accept the Bible and those who don’t, between people of faith and unbelievers. That, of course, is slanderous. (For a refresher of the issues, see this article I wrote at the time).

See Christianity Today‘s review of the new DVD.

3 thoughts on “Mel Redux

  1. Yeah, I know. But Mel’s original script, following Emmerich, had Jesus kill the lamb in the upper room, because her Jesus won’t have anything to do with the temple, and because she says that this is where the ark of the covenant rested while the temple was being built. She also has the cross built by the Jews (and has a long history of the wood coming from the first temple, thrown over the side in the destruction, etc., etc., etc.)

  2. I bet Mel doesn’t want to be associated with “guerrilla marketing” now, after the Boston fiasco!
    Thank goodness these two scenes were deleted; the final movie contains some things that are bad ideas (like the beating of Jesus by his arresters), but nothing nearly as ahistorical and absurd as these two scenes.

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