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  1. +J.M.J+

    So what’s wrong with someone editing Mother Angelica’s old broadcasts “for theological content”? She’s not infallible, after all, and may have sometimes made a stray remark here and there which was questionable (not to mention all the unapproved apparitions she promoted, as Sungenis mentions later). Wouldn’t it be prudent to edit such stuff, so as to avoid misunderstanding?

    He complains that Colin Donovan “does not possess a doctorate in any theological discipline” (well, strictly speaking, neither does Sungenis since Calamus International University is quite questionable). But the EWTN website lists Donovan’s credentials as follows: “he has the Licentiate in Sacred Theology, with a specialization in moral theology, from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum) in Rome, where he wrote on the Donation of the Spouses in Marriage. He earned the BTh from the Seminary of Christ the King in Mission, BC, Canada and the BA in Biological Science from Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. Prior to coming to EWTN in 1995, he taught Theology at Aquinas College in Nashville.”

    Sounds pretty well-qualified to me! Also, the point that the theological commission on EWTN consists largely of ex-Protestants sounds odd coming from a revert like Sungenis, who spent a very long time in Protestantism himself!

    I am, however, glad that he pointed out that Ferrara is giving Mother Angelica a pass, as though the stuff some traditionalists find objectionable on EWTN all came along after she stepped down. I mean, Ferrara’s main beef with the network appears to be, “It’s not traditionalist!” – but neither was it’s founder! Yet his almost hagiographical portrayal of Mother Angelica ignores the fact that many of the aspects of EWTN which he criticizes actually trace back to her time and reflect her beliefs. Someone had to point that out.

    In Jesu et Maria,

  2. Whew! This guy has in his crosshairs some of the most prominent teachers of authentic Catholic beliefs currently on the scene. I’m guessing that I would be branded heretic by him for not being strictly Catholic enough. To paraphrase Obi-wan, “Now that’s a charge I haven’t heard in a long, long time!”

  3. I did notice an editing once. I actually had to think twice because I was pretty sure that something had been cut. I think it may have been something the caller said, though. Even if they did edit Mother, I don’t see anything wrong with that. I don’t think Mother Angelica ever saw EWTN as hers; she saw it as the Lord’s. Raymond Arroyo details in her biography how she gave up control of EWTN to laymen for a reason. I believe Mother will be canonized, but even Saints aren’t always right.

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