More RadTrad response to SPLC

Fringe sources continue to blast the Southern Poverty Law Center‘s report on antisemitism among Traditionalist Catholics.

At “Tradition in Action,” one Atila Sinke Guimarães blasts the Arrogant Harassment against Our Catholic Rights (What a choice of words! Worthy of George Wallace!). Atila’s main point is that you can’t confuse religious opposition to Jews with the racial theories that began in the 19th century.

“Daily Catholic” denounces The Real Hate Mongers … and it is hard to characterize their article. You really need to read it. This may give you a sense of it: “What SPLC and ADL and all the other liberal entities are upset with is that true Catholics won’t buy into the garbage and apostasy preached by Vatican II and which has rejected Catholic truth.” Yes, that’s their starting point–the “apostasy of the false church of Vatican II,” for daring to say that we need to improve relations with the Jews.