The “Emerging Church”

Christianity Today profiles the evangelical movement known as the “emerging church.”

It is said that emerging Christians confess their faith like mainliners—meaning they say things publicly they don’t really believe. They drink like Southern Baptists—meaning, to adapt some words from Mark Twain, they are teetotalers when it is judicious. They talk like Catholics—meaning they cuss and use naughty words. They evangelize and theologize like the Reformed—meaning they rarely evangelize, yet theologize all the time. They worship like charismatics—meaning with their whole bodies, some parts tattooed. They vote like Episcopalians—meaning they eat, drink, and sleep on their left side. And, they deny the truth—meaning they’ve got a latte-soaked copy of Derrida in their smoke- and beer-stained backpacks.

Another webpage,, describes this movement thus:

The emerging churches that I have encountered have, to a great extent, been comprised of urban, post-modern, progressive young adults who are missionally minded, committed to community and spiritual practice while figuring out what it means to be followers of Christ in the messy, ambiguous world in which they find themselves. These communities vary greatly in “worship style”- from old-timey country to jazz, from techno-liturgica to rock and roll so it’s surprising to me when those outside of the emerging church think it’s about a worship style ….

One thought on “The “Emerging Church”

  1. I’ve spent some time with the emergent church, first-hand and second-hand, and I think the second quote (and the entire article) is fair to the movement. What I find interesting–and what I would like to see American Catholicism pick up–is the emphasis on artistic expression. The 2 emergent churches I’ve been to (Ecclesia in Houston and Mosaic in Austin) definitely see art as a form of prayer. I know there are artistic movements in Catholicism, but I’ve had trouble finding them.

    Just a thought. Nice new blog, by the way.

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