William Miller was a freemason

The progressive adventism blog has an interesting post documenting William Miller’s membership in the lodge. It is remarked that another religious founder, Joseph Smith, was also a freemason. Smith’s masonry clearly influenced his religious views–did Miller’s? I don’t think so.

2 thoughts on “William Miller was a freemason

  1. To say that Miller’s involvement in Masonry did not influence his religious beliefs is highly suspicious and is worth investigating.

  2. Not at all. Miller was a mason when he was a deist. Bliss writes of it. Masonry’s view of God is deistic. That’s the only connection. And that should be readily apparent to anyone with a familiarity with either system.

    Joseph Smith, on the other hand, adapted ritual from the masonic lodge, as is clear by the architecture of Mormon temples, their aprons, their secret handshakes, etc.

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