Methodist ministers oppose library at SMU

A group of Methodist ministers has started a petition drive to prevent the building of a new library at Southern Methodist University. Their problem is that the proposed library would be the George W. Bush Presidential Library. They say some of his positions differ from Methodist teaching. But they don’t want people to be able to study those differences at SMU.

They have no problem with Charlie Curran teaching things in religion classes there that are opposed to traditional Methodist teaching.

4 thoughts on “Methodist ministers oppose library at SMU

  1. Dear Bill,

    I just want to make sure this is said before some yahoo tries to make a sloppy analogy.

    Fr. Charles Curran was forbidden from teaching theology at a Catholic college or university. He was not forbidden from teaching something else, nor were his faculties revoked.

    These are the correct details, yes?

  2. Curran was forbidden from teaching theology as a member of a pontifical faculty (he could have accepted a position in the religious studies department of CUA). His faculties were not revoked. But he remains a dissenter from Catholic (and Protestant) moral theology.

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